Book of the Month

A seed is Sleepy cover
A Seed Is Sleepy
By: Dianna Hutts Aston & Sylvia Long

This book opens with a beautiful spread showing sunflower seeds nestled within the center of a ripe sunflower head. It provides readers with an up close look of some common (and not so common) plants and seeds. The illustrations and poetic language show seeds being secretive (lying dormant for a season or for years), fruitful (encased in blueberries and papayas), naked (in pine cones), in many sizes (from dust to 60 pound seeds), adventurous (scattered by wind or floating in water), inventive (sticking to sneakers), generous (providing food for the new sprout), ancient, thirsty, hungry...

PB&J Society cover
The Last Great Adventure of the PB & J Society
By: Janet Sumner Johnson

Annie and Jason are best friends and founding members of the elusive PB & J Society. Jason’s house is threatened with foreclosure, and Annie is determined to help...