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North Carolina Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom is an educational program that is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the importance of agriculture in North Carolina. The program strives to achieve this mission in recommending books for use as additional resources to PreK – 12th grade educators. Book of the Month is an offering for anyone looking for a valid Ag-related resource to utilize in the classroom. The total purchase of one book is $5.00 and can be purchased until copies are sold out. Each book will have accompanying activities of high-quality that can be integrated into lesson plans at various grade levels.

November 2017

The Gigantic Turnip


The old man and old woman plant their garden—peas, carrots, potatoes,beans, and last of all, turnips. They harvest all of their vegetables, but when it came to harvest the turnips, they noticed just one set of greens above the soil. The farmer and his wife tugged and tugged, but could not get the turnip to budge out of the soil. They quickly realized this was no average sized turnip! Finally, with the help of the farm animals, they are able to pull the turnip up. What will they do with the gigantic turnip?

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